We Have a 12 Year Old in the House!

I remember the day very well 12 years ago!  I remember the ride to the hospital and the fact that my husband was unbuckled the entire ride…  If you know my husband you would understand my shock!  However, in his defense, I had a death grip around him to help with the pain so in reality there was no physical way he could wear a seat belt.  I guess you could say he was buckled by a human seat belt!

Anyway, Natasha entered the world at 4:44pm on Sunday, March 2, 2003.  She is such a wonderful blessing to our family and it is very exciting to watch her grow into a Godly, beautiful young lady.  She loves her brother and sisters, is very helpful around the house, is always wanting to help me cook or bake and is full of contagious energy and joy.  We love you Natasha and we look forward to all that God has planned for your life!

We had My-Hop pancakes for breakfast and Daddy and I took her to Chili’s for her birthday dinner.

I managed to dig up some old pictures and have included some new ones!  Enjoy!  Be sure to reach the bottom for last nights picture with Daddy!

Just a couple days old! 2003

Just a couple days old! 2003

Natasha at her 1 year birthday party.

Natasha at her 1 year birthday party.

IMG_2392 IMG_2394

Uncle Andy came to visit when Natasha was about 5 weeks old.

Uncle Andy came to visit when Natasha was about 5 weeks old.

Natasha and Mikayla

Natasha and Mikayla


With Aunt Janice in Alaska 2006

With Aunt Janice in Alaska 2006


Showing her muscles!

Showing her muscles!

Natasha and cousin Jake 2006

Natasha and cousin Jake 2006

Natasha at the counter while Mikayla is in the sink.

Natasha at the counter while Mikayla is in the sink.

IMG_1445 IMG_1272

Natasha really wanted bangs but almost immediately decided to grow them out.

Natasha really wanted bangs but almost immediately decided to grow them out.

Baby Jonathan and more 040

Natasha with Daddy at her birthday dinner Mar 2 15

Natasha with Daddy at her birthday dinner Mar 2 15


Valentine’s Day

I tend to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day but I like to change it to God is Love Day! I have several verses that I have printed out and laminated and I hang them up during the month of February.

This year, as I was searching for something special to make for everyone I came across a project that I desperately wanted to make for each person in my family. However, it was a sewing project and I can’t even sew on a button straight! I really wanted to make this project and I couldn’t figure out a way to make it without sewing. After chatting with Phil about it we decided to buy a very inexpensive sewing machine. I watched the short video that came with the machine and then I set to work.

Can you believe I did it? AND, I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Have I discovered a hidden talent? Well, I don’t know about that! If you look closely at what I made you can see many mistakes but it was fun nonetheless. I made chair back envelopes! I think they turned out really cute!  At night Phil or I would put a love note and a treat in their envelope for them to discover in the morning.  It was so much fun!

IMG_4507 IMG_4506 IMG_4505 IMG_4504 IMG_4503

My mom made her world famous fried chicken to go along with our rosemary potatoes and salad. Then Belle and I made bright pink rice krispy treats to top off the evening.

Our wall of bible verses about love.

Our wall of bible verses about love.



I wonder what I will come up with next year???


Rambling Thoughts on Teenagers

Our oldest daughter is about to turn 12 years old.  She is such a blessing to our family and everyday I thank the Lord that He choose me to be her mommy.

Turning 12 means she’s not far from those ‘dreaded’ teenage years.  I say dreaded because from the world all we really hear about teenagers is all the negative stuff.  The attitude problems, the feeling of superiority, the laziness, the grumpiness, the selfishness.  I could go on and on.  If you are a parent, you’ve heard the familiar questions and/or statements….

“Oh, just wait until she’s a teenager, then you won’t be all smiles.”
“She’s cute and being a parent if fun now but in 10 years it won’t be as fun.”

Since we have 5 children we have heard people calculate how many teenagers we will have at home at any given moment and then they snicker at ‘what fun’ that will be.  Or we get asked “what are you going to do when she wants her own room?”

I wonder if parents contribute or unknowingly encourage selfishness from teenagers?  It seems we’ve accepted that the teenage years are tough so we must excuse their behavior and give in to them since they are having such a hard time dealing with their every changing emotions.  It’s like they stop being a parent until their children are past the teenage years and they hope for the best.

How about we keep the communication lines open.  We acknowledge the changes they are experiencing, we embrace the changes and our children.  As parents, we’ve been through these changes and we know and understand what they are feeling.  I want to help my children navigate these changes and look at them as an exciting time in their lives that the Lord is using to transform them into adults.

We have been blessed to see teenagers that are part of families who have effectively gone through (or are still in the midst) the teenage years.  They have raised these young adults to process the changes to their bodies and emotions with the Lord’s will in mind.  They do not spend hours alone in their room playing video games or watching terrible TV.  They spend a lot of time together with their family and they enjoy it!  Gasp!  A teenager enjoying spending time with their family?? Yes, it is possible.  They’ve been taught God’s design for family and how we were made for relationship.  They were taught to build up their siblings and to invest in each others lives.   No, they are not perfect but their parents don’t expect them to be.  As an adult I still struggle with attitude problems but I look to scripture to adjust my attitude and emotions.

We know many that have never had their own room… and they have survived!  Why the push for their own room?  From someone who had their own room growing up (for most of the time) I say it is highly overrated.  Anyway, for our almost 12 year old she knows that it’s ok to want to spend time alone and when she wants that time we’ve taught her sisters and brother to respect her desire for alone time.  It might be slightly more challenging to find some ‘space’ when you share a room but it isn’t impossible; we just get creative.

As a parent, I don’t want to succumb to the teenager years; I want to embrace them!  We are around families that have enjoyed the teenage years.  Yes, there were struggles but it doesn’t have to be as bad as the world expects.

Phil and I pray daily for our children.  Not that they will be perfect little robots but that the Lord will graciously shape them into the beautiful adults He longs for them to be.  We pray that He gives us wisdom and grace on navigating these exciting years.  What a blessing it is to be a parent.


Our Mission Effort

I’m married to a man with a foreign missions heart; specifically Russia.  I believe his passion for the people of Russia is from God and I want to actively support him in fulfilling his passion.   Recently, our family has been given an opportunity to do mission work in St. Petersburg and Vyborg, Russia.  We have partnered with a wonderful organization called Paideia Missions.  The Davidsons recently published this short video of why they started this ministry.  Their goal is to “take an innovative, hands-on, and family-integrated approach to equipping parents worldwide for the purpose of discipling their children through Christian home education.”

Russia is one of Phil’s many passions and homeschooling is mine.  I have seen the fruit of homeschooling through many friends and families and in my own family.  I believe it gives the parents opportunity to build Godly character into their children and develop a deeper relationship that is much harder to foster when your children are away from home 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months of the year.  As for academics, I believe I can teach my children just as well, if not better, then a public school teacher.  I can give my children many hours of one-on-one time and curriculum tailored to their learning style.

I could write several posts on why I’m passionate about homeschooling but for now let’s stick to the mission trip!  We will be helping to run a 2 day homeschooling and family discipleship conference and following up with families as needed or requested.

Below is the support letter we recently sent out.  We have raised just over a 1/3 of what we need in order to serve the families in Russia.  Due to time constraints and logistics it looks like just Phil, Natasha and Mikayla will be going this spring.  We pray that all of our family would be able to go next spring to help with this conference.  Would you consider giving to our mission trip?

Hello from the Wilson family in Lakewood, Colorado!

 My family and I have some very exciting news to share and an important question to ask you.

 Many of you know that Gaylene and I have a passion for homeschooling, family discipleship, and ministering to both believers and non-believers in Russia. Ever since I returned from the Siberian mission field in 1998, God has continued to shape this vision of encouraging the Russian people, specifically through family discipleship and home education.

 For the past six years, Gaylene and I have been homeschooling our children. Many of my family’s greatest blessings are directly related to major changes in our lives that came about through homeschooling. We now have a strong desire for Russian Christian families to enjoy these same blessings, which brings me to share our exciting news.

 In May 2015, Gaylene and I, along with our two oldest children, have the opportunity to partner with Paideia Missions to serve, encourage, and teach at a home education and family discipleship conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Our plan is to travel to Russia a week before the start of the three-day conference to help with final preparations and then stay a week after the conference to encourage the many new homeschooling families in the Saint Petersburg area.

 The goal of this conference and Paideia Missions is to fulfill the Great Commission by promoting Christian home education and family discipleship. To learn more about Paideia Missions, please view Scott and Andie Davidson’s very informative video at http://youtu.be/KjTyvnCsCQo (copy and past the link into your browser) and visit the organization’s website at http://paideiamissions.com.

 Now, as to our important question, we are humbly seeking support to fund this short-term mission trip. As the Lord leads you, would you consider making a contribution to Paideia Missions on behalf of the Wilson family? Our family’s trip budget has not been finalized yet, but our initial estimate is $6,000. Additionally, we ask for your prayers for wisdom, serving hearts, and good health while on the trip. Thank you for prayerfully considering our need.

As always, we hold you near in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you.

In His service,

 Phil Wilson (for Gaylene, and our 5 children: Natasha, Mikayla, Alexandra, Jonathan, and Katherine)

 Please note:

  • All gifts to Paideia Missions on behalf of the Wilson family are tax deductible.
  • If you are able to support this mission work, donations can be made online at http://paideiamissions.com.
  • If you prefer to write a check, please make your check payable to Paideia Missions and attach a note earmarking your donation for “Wilson Mission Trip.”
  • If you have any questions, please contact Phil at 720-252-3761 or philipcwilson@reagan.com.
  • If you prefer, you may also donate airline miles.
Taken at our church, Oct 2014

Taken at our church, Oct 2014


Great Food, Contagious Laughing, Encouragement… oh and Cake!

Last night we had the pleasure of having a young courting couple over for dinner.  What a wonderful evening!

Natasha and Mikayla’s piano teacher, Miss Rebecca, is engaged to a wonderful young man named Jonathan (great name huh?!)  Jonathan lives in San Diego so this has been a long distance courtship.  Jonathan’s family has known Rebecca’s family for 10+ years going back to when Rebecca and her family lived in California.

It has been such a blessing watching this relationship form and grow.  I am so grateful that our children, specifically our oldest girls, have been able to watch all of it transpire.  Our girls are able to see what God desires for relationship and marriage versus what the world dictates.  Over the last 6 months, Rebecca and Jonathan have developed a relationship built on God’s word and not their own desires.  They started this relationship with the end in mind.  Meaning, their goal from the beginning was to decide if they could create a Godly lifelong marriage.  They pray that their marriage will bring glory and honor to God, not just fulfill their own desires.  How refreshing!

We had a wonderful evening getting to know Jonathan.  He is the oldest of 6 children and his father died when he was 19.  In essence he became the dad for quite a while helping his mom raise the rest of the kids and he wanted to be sure they all had a foundation in Christ.   He is a man that seeks to honor the Lord and be the spiritual leader in his family.

We ate lots of pizza and salad.  And, since I’m doing the wedding cake, I made a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake so they could taste test and decide which they wanted for their special day.  Also, four of our kids are set to be in the wedding… amazing!  We’ll see if our Jonathan will actually walk down the isle as the ring bearer!

We are looking forward to May 16th and the celebration of a new marriage!

An Unexpected Trip to the ER

Wow, has it really been a month since I posted???  Where has the time gone and why can’t I find the time to post twice a week?

Here I am to share a silly story.  Yesterday I had chicken taco soup simmering in the crockpot all day.  After we got home from our weekly Spanish class, I fished out the chicken breasts so that I could shred them and put them back in to simmer for a bit more before dinner.  As I was putting the chicken back in I grabbed a couple of small pieces to taste.  This is where the evening plans started to change….

I was chewing the yummy chicken and I must have inhaled because the next thing I knew I had a small piece of chicken stuck in my throat.  After 10 minutes of coughing so hard I thought my head might detach from my body I was finally able to catch my breath and stand up straight.  Unfortunately, with all that coughing the chicken never came out.  After trying for 2 hours with drinking water and tea and coughing it just wouldn’t come out.  I wasn’t in pain but I was uncomfortable and I could feel this lump in my throat.

I do an internet search on partial aspiration of food and oh the things I learned… yuck.

I just wasn’t sure what to do so after discussing it with Phil and my mom it was decided we’d head to the ER.  Talk about feeling silly!!!  Oh my gosh!  There were truly sick (and 1 drunk) people in the ER and here I am with a piece of chicken stuck in my throat.

I get put in a room and after all the usual checking of oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature they handed me a can of Coke and said they’d be back to give me a shot of glucagon.  Hmmm…  I said to Phil that after paying the $100 co-pay that is an awfully expensive can of soda.

I drank the can of sugar (yuck!  it’s been 2.5 years since I’ve had soda), they gave me a shot in the arm and we waited.  The coke is supposed to break down the chicken and the glucagon is supposed to open the airways.  If that didn’t work then they would take me in for a CT scan.

We had Natasha with us and as we waited Natasha said “Mom, if you make it out of here we should celebrate tonight!”  I’m thinking, wow, it’s only a piece of chicken!  This isn’t anything like my hospital visit of 2012!  Wonder where she gets her dramatic flare from?

After about 35 minutes it worked!  The chicken disintegrated and I no longer had a lump in my throat.  I was discharged about an hour or so after arriving.

Next time, I’ll just head to the store and buy a cheap can of coke!

Goals for a New Year?

I set goals in my mind; sometimes for homeschooling and sometimes for personal but I have never sat down and written them out.  Perhaps that is why I don’t seem to reach my goals very often!  I read this excellent blog post by Doorposts and it really gave me the desire to write out goals for myself and my family.

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

It seems that I approach the new year, new day, new hour in survival mode.  I tend to focus on getting through each hour and each day.  That sounds like my life is terribly trying…. it isn’t!  Do I do all things to the glory of God?  Do I plan our day around daily bible time together?  Do my actions and words reflect an effort to bring glory to God?

I desire to be wise and intentional with my time.  Assessing how much time I spend in daily bible reading versus scrolling through Facebook.  Looking closely at how much time is spent with my head bent towards my smartphone or computer versus how much time I give my children undivided attention during the day.  Realizing that meal time with family is more productive without a smart phone sitting in front of me tempting me to see who’s posted the latest anecdote on FB, who has sent me an email since the last time I checked 2 minutes ago, who has played a word in Words with Friends, or the latest tweet.  NONE of those things are investments into my husband and children.  Hmmm… I’m seeing a theme here…. technology….. a big pull in our house and I’m no exception!

A quick brainstorm of personal goals….

  • Daily bible time with a plan
  • Daily bible time as a family
  • Get my head and focus out of FB and into family

Over the next couple of days I plan on going before the Lord and asking for wisdom on what my goals should be for 2015.  I’d like to set goals for spiritual growth in myself and our children, character traits I’d like to see in myself and our children, marriage goals (how can I be an encourager to my husband and build him up in the Lord) and of course goals for the school year.

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.