An Unexpected Trip to the ER

Wow, has it really been a month since I posted???  Where has the time gone and why can’t I find the time to post twice a week?

Here I am to share a silly story.  Yesterday I had chicken taco soup simmering in the crockpot all day.  After we got home from our weekly Spanish class, I fished out the chicken breasts so that I could shred them and put them back in to simmer for a bit more before dinner.  As I was putting the chicken back in I grabbed a couple of small pieces to taste.  This is where the evening plans started to change….

I was chewing the yummy chicken and I must have inhaled because the next thing I knew I had a small piece of chicken stuck in my throat.  After 10 minutes of coughing so hard I thought my head might detach from my body I was finally able to catch my breath and stand up straight.  Unfortunately, with all that coughing the chicken never came out.  After trying for 2 hours with drinking water and tea and coughing it just wouldn’t come out.  I wasn’t in pain but I was uncomfortable and I could feel this lump in my throat.

I do an internet search on partial aspiration of food and oh the things I learned… yuck.

I just wasn’t sure what to do so after discussing it with Phil and my mom it was decided we’d head to the ER.  Talk about feeling silly!!!  Oh my gosh!  There were truly sick (and 1 drunk) people in the ER and here I am with a piece of chicken stuck in my throat.

I get put in a room and after all the usual checking of oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature they handed me a can of Coke and said they’d be back to give me a shot of glucagon.  Hmmm…  I said to Phil that after paying the $100 co-pay that is an awfully expensive can of soda.

I drank the can of sugar (yuck!  it’s been 2.5 years since I’ve had soda), they gave me a shot in the arm and we waited.  The coke is supposed to break down the chicken and the glucagon is supposed to open the airways.  If that didn’t work then they would take me in for a CT scan.

We had Natasha with us and as we waited Natasha said “Mom, if you make it out of here we should celebrate tonight!”  I’m thinking, wow, it’s only a piece of chicken!  This isn’t anything like my hospital visit of 2012!  Wonder where she gets her dramatic flare from?

After about 35 minutes it worked!  The chicken disintegrated and I no longer had a lump in my throat.  I was discharged about an hour or so after arriving.

Next time, I’ll just head to the store and buy a cheap can of coke!