Summer and Bible Bee

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons.  One of our favorite activities in the summer is participating in the annual Bible Bee.  Each year The Shelby Kennedy Foundation puts together a nationwide Bible Bee.  They decide on a book of the bible to study all summer, choose many (not sure how many but a lot!) verses for memorization and create wonderful study workbooks based on various ages.  Our local bible bee club meets once a week throughout the summer where we play games and help each other with memory verses and bible questions.

This year the foundation choose to study the book of Jonah.  All summer long we will do an in-depth study of Jonah and memorize as many verses (assigned by the Foundation) as we can.  In late August, we will gather for our local Bible Bee Contest where the girls will take a written test based on Jonah and then will recite the verses they know in front of a judge.  The winners of the local bees get to go to Atlanta in late October to compete in the National Bible Bee.

Our kids absolutely love the Bible Bee and the Bible Bee club where we get to play and fellowship with several other families all while putting the words of our Lord on our hearts.

What a blessing!


Enjoy your summer!



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