Change Is A Good Thing…. Right?

Anyone who knows me knows that I, generally speaking, don’t do well with change. But I also know that change can be good and, at times, necessary.

We’ve had a lot of change in our house over the last 6 weeks. The kind of change that requires physical energy, patience and a good nights sleep!

In an effort to give our four girls more room we decided to give them the master bedroom. Now, our house was built in 1952 and the bedrooms are not very big, not even the master bedroom. But, it gives them a bit more room. We sold our giant, solid wood furniture and bought a used platform bed to fit our CA King mattress (I love craigslist!). Then I painted the room a bright green and stenciled Joshua 1:9 on their closet door. I painted a few small trees, butterflies, lady bugs and flowers throughout the room. My mom made them new curtains. Then we got their bunk beds set up along with the crib for Katherine. One set of bunk beds does not have the bottom bunk set up (don’t need it yet!) so I made it a little play area for the girls.

Then in our new room, I painted it and my mom made us some new curtains. We got our new bed set up and then I set off to re-arrange the basement.

Both Phil and I were convicted that we have too much stuff… I mean WAY too much stuff and stuff that we didn’t need nor use. So I made my old office the girls dressing room. All of their dressers and hanging clothes are now down in this dressing room. The other half of the room is set up with all of our crafts and believe me when I say we know how to craft!

Then, Phil’s office was cleaned out and made into a game room. All of the toys and games that were in our big play room downstairs were cleaned out. Some thrown away and some donated. Then we re-organized all that was left and set it up in what is now the game room. As a side note, Jonathan had grown out of his toddler bed and was ready for a twin. Because of our very, VERY tight budget we really had no funds to buy him a new bed. So, my mom volunteered to take the double bed that used to be in Phil’s office and give her twin to Jonathan. It was a win win for all of us! Thanks Mom!

What’s left in the big play room? The 2 lego tables won’t fit in the game room so they stayed in the big room. Our piano and treadmill are also still in this room. We took our dark blue couch to the dump which left us with the small brown love seat. It just so happened that my aunt was having a garage sale the same weekend and was selling her couch. The couch was rarely sat on as it was kept in a bedroom and she sold it to us for very little. AND, it is a sleeper couch! I realize that it won’t be as comfortable as our previous guest bed but hey, it’s free to use!

So, the big room is now much less cluttered and a more relaxing place to watch TV. Well, we don’t have cable so we watch movies.

Now for a few cute pictures!

Katherine taking a nap outside in the shade.

Katherine taking a nap outside in the shade.

They love when they get to go with daddy in the bike trailer!

They love when they get to go with daddy in the bike trailer!

Cousin Jacob here for a visit!

Cousin Jacob here for a visit!

Jonathan loves to roll in the grass!

Jonathan loves to roll in the grass!


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