Valentine’s Day

I tend to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day but I like to change it to God is Love Day! I have several verses that I have printed out and laminated and I hang them up during the month of February.

This year, as I was searching for something special to make for everyone I came across a project that I desperately wanted to make for each person in my family. However, it was a sewing project and I can’t even sew on a button straight! I really wanted to make this project and I couldn’t figure out a way to make it without sewing. After chatting with Phil about it we decided to buy a very inexpensive sewing machine. I watched the short video that came with the machine and then I set to work.

Can you believe I did it? AND, I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Have I discovered a hidden talent? Well, I don’t know about that! If you look closely at what I made you can see many mistakes but it was fun nonetheless. I made chair back envelopes! I think they turned out really cute!  At night Phil or I would put a love note and a treat in their envelope for them to discover in the morning.  It was so much fun!

IMG_4507 IMG_4506 IMG_4505 IMG_4504 IMG_4503

My mom made her world famous fried chicken to go along with our rosemary potatoes and salad. Then Belle and I made bright pink rice krispy treats to top off the evening.

Our wall of bible verses about love.

Our wall of bible verses about love.



I wonder what I will come up with next year???



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