Can You Believe Katherine is 1 Year Old Today?

Yep, it’s true.  Our sweet baby turned 1 year old today; actually at 5:09 this morning.  She was my shortest labor; certainly not painless but the shortest!  She has made up for the short labor by not allowing me to get as much sleep as I did with the previous 4 children.

Katherine Anya is a very happy and playful baby and a wee bit chubby.  She wears 24 month old clothes!  But I’m sure just like the others she will slim down in the next couple of years once she gets to walking.

Follows are way too many pictures but I couldn’t resist.  Stay tuned for birthday party pictures coming next week.

IMG_2128 IMG_2132 IMG_5398 IMG_5400 DSCF0328 IMG_2140 DSCF0355 IMG_2160 IMG_5659 IMG_0384 IMG_2802 IMG_3445 IMG_3793 IMG_3871 IMG_6523 IMG_4068 IMG_4541 IMG_2595


I wonder if this will be the last first birthday celebration we will have???


One thought on “Can You Believe Katherine is 1 Year Old Today?

  1. My oldest, at a year old, was wearing 24-month clothing. I have a picture (someWHERE!) of her on her first birthday, wearing an outfit where the pants are folded up on the bottom. I have another picture (someWHERE with the first one) of her on her second birthday, wearing the SAME outfit! She has more hair, and of course is taller, and the pants legs are no longer folded up. Belated Happy Birthday to your sweet Katherine! My “baby” will be 17 in September!

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