Summer Fun!

I wanted to share some of what we have been doing this summer along with a few photos.

We have been blessed to be able to serve some dear family friends of ours by dog sitting their 6 month old puppy named Tally through the end of September.  The first week or so she was so calm and easy going I thought surely she isn’t a puppy!  Well, she is now completely comfortable in our home and I assure you she is a puppy!  I have the chewed up shoes, chair and various other items to prove it!  But she is a lot of fun to play with and is a very social and sweet dog.

Tally in our backyard - July 2015

Tally in our backyard – July 2015

We were blessed to have Uncle Andy, Miss Renee (or as Jonathan puts it Miss Neree) and cousin Jake visiting us.  I wasn’t able to get a picture of Jake… must be camera shy… but enjoy this picture of Miss Renee hanging out with Katherine.  Miss Renee kindly shared her cup and straw with Katherine.


Off and on during this summer we get to have our friends Chris and Trey join us for the day.  We’ve gone to Pirate’s Cove and the Downtown Aquarium.  These wonderful guys have 2 older brothers equally as fun to be around.  All 4 of the kids in this family have such wonderful serving hearts.  Even though they are teenagers (except Chris who is 9 and Trey who is 12) they have amazing attitudes and have no problem playing with our kids regardless of their age.  We love having them around!

Pirate's Cove July 2015

Pirate’s Cove July 2015

The tiger is actually scratching his claws on the tree!

The tiger is actually scratching his claws on the tree!

Downtown Aquarium July 2015

Downtown Aquarium July 2015

You will notice that Trey in the first picture is walking and does not have a cast on his arm.  However, at the aquarium he needed a wheelchair to get around.  Earlier this week he was mountain biking down a double black or something crazy in Winter Park and tumbled off of a jump.  He broke is right arm in 3 spots… like completely broke… I won’t share the picture of his arm that his mom sent me….WOW!!!  And he has 8 stitches in his right knee.  I got to see that beauty too – good thing I’m not the one that has to clean it!  As a side note, isn’t God amazing?  The fact that He created our bodies in such an amazing way as to allow a completely broken bone to heal itself in 4-6 weeks. That is no work of random chance evolution!  Psalm 139:14  I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.

We also got to visit with one of our favorite families from our previous church.  They have a swimming pool and trampoline in their backyard and we got to hang out, eat some really yummy food and fellowship.

IMG_5822 IMG_5826

Today we got to spend some time with dad and Joanne at our favorite water park in Highlands Ranch.  I didn’t get any pictures of dad and Joanne but they took a good one of our family.  The kids always look forward to spending time with grandma and grandpa!



And, of course, I have to include a cool picture or 2 of sweet Katherine!


Katherine July 2015

Katherine July 2015

I will share more once I take the Foster boys on another adventure with our kids.  Maybe we will head to the Wildlife Sanctuary or the Denver Zoo or the Museum.  No matter what we all have fun together!


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