Coffee Bars and Fog Machines

I came across a blog post that made me cry and also had me saying AMEN!  Kevin Swanson originally talked about it on his podcast a couple of weeks ago.  I looked it up so I could read the entire post.  Suffice it to say it is a must read and you can find it here.

I believe there are far more seeker sensitive and shallow churches now then ever before.  Churches that care more about the decor and what ‘programs’ they offer then about the hurting souls within their congregation.  Loud bands/music, fog machines and the like are such a turn off for me.  I was visiting with one of my daughter’s friends and her parents.  This friend’s ice skating coach goes to a very large and loud church and when I asked about the worship he explained that although it’s really loud they hand out headphones to drown it out for those that don’t care for it.  What a shame!  I love hearing believers sing to the Lord… an preferably not a Chris Tomlin song.

Too many churches these days are more concerned with meeting a quota then they are discipling the congregation sitting before them.  The sermons are fluff and they continue to say they’ll teach new converts the hard stuff once they get them converted.  But, Christ did not die a horrible death (read Isaiah 53 for a beautiful passage describing Christ’s suffering) for the church to teach fluff.  As a side note, I took note in Eric Metaxes book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer how Bonhoeffer visited America in the 1930s and was surprised at how shallow the American churches were…  that was almost 90 years ago!

However, despite a lack of bible believing and teaching churches, as Christians we are commanded to be part of a church.  This article details WHY we are commanded to be part of a church family.

If you call yourself a Christian you should have a new life; a changed life… not the same life with a new title… hmmm, I see another blog post on that topic!

Please click on the link in the first paragraph and take a few minutes to read the words of a young mother in mourning.


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