August 17, 2018

Hello again! I’m going to try to finish telling you about our great summer adventure.

So, on Friday morning, Alfredo and Amy Sue closed on their new house and we all started unloading the moving truck. It took most of the day and we were all pretty exhausted. Once we got them a bit settled we caught a ride to get our rental car and headed a bit north to spend the night in Comfort.

We got checked into the Meyer’s Bed and Breakfast around 7pm. I had hoped to get there earlier so we could spend more time exploring Comfort and the bed and breakfasts 34 acres. We walked the beautiful acres and along the creek for about an hour and enjoyed the amazing sunset. Then we headed to our very comfortable room and settled in for the night.

After a good nights sleep we headed to the breakfast room and had a very filling and delicious breakfast. We sat at a table close to the windows and watched the deer grazing across the creek.

I wanted to get on the road and head towards Arkansas but the girls really wanted to swim so I let them play in the lovely pool for about an hour. Even at 9 in the morning it was about 80 degrees but the humidity wasn’t too bad. We packed up our car, stopped to buy some road trip snacks and jumped on the highway at 10:30 am.

I was a bit nervous getting on the road being the only adult and driver and driving 2 of my kids across a few states without my rock (Phil is my rock!) but I did a lot of praying and God gave me confidence. Mena, Arkansas, is about 9 hours away from Comfort and since we didn’t leave until mid morning I didn’t think we could make it there by that evening so I figured we’d have to find a place to stay somewhere along the way.

Have you ever stayed the night in Paris? I decided we would stop in Paris, Texas. It is a fairly small town but I was able to find a room in a little hotel to stay the night. It was a decent room but not nearly as lavish as the Meyer’s Bed and Breakfast!


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