Happy Birthday to my Mom!

For various reasons this past year has been a bit tough for my mom but it has also brought about a major lifestyle change for her.  In April, 2013, I rushed her to the hospital and we were told she had a bad case of pneumonia.  She spent two nights in the hospital and was sent home with antibiotics and oxygen.  It was a scary situation but overall it was one that changed her life.  Because of being in the hospital and being sent home with oxygen she was strict to follow doctor’s orders of no smoking and guess what???  It’s been 8.5 months since she quit smoking.  She’s had many challenging and tempting days to start smoking again but has shown her incredible strength and made the decision to keep persevering.  We are so proud of her!  We know she will continue to have some rough days but am confident that she can stick to it.

Unfortunately, she is not insured (and Obamacare is a joke… the so called Affordable health insurance isn’t anything close to something she can afford) and she is paying for this hospital stay herself.  I was able to talk with the hospital and all of the various offices to get her bills lowered by more than 90%.  She faithfully mails her payments every month and hopefully will have most of it paid off by the end of 2014.

At the end of August, 2012, her wonderful dog Sadie became very ill and had to be put down.  This was a very tragic event for my mom.  Her and Sadie have always been close (Sadie was 13.5 years old) but became even closer once my dad died in Dec 2005.  They both missed my dad so much and relied on each other’s company.

On the bright and adventurous side she did get 2 cats; Callie and Lulu.  They both provide a lot of entertainment for my mom and for the kids!

A week before my mom’s birthday I again had to take her to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with gall stones.  For now, the doctor recommended a non-fat diet and my mom has been very diligent in following those guidelines.  She has been able to get the pain to a more manageable state.  Depending on the outcome of an ultrasound done on her mid section it will be decided if she needs to have it removed.  We would like to avoid that if at all possible!

Magaw, as she is affectionally called around here, continues to love all of us and help us take care of the kids.  The kids all love the fact that we all live together and are constantly asking when they can go visit Magaw upstairs.

She has a servants heart and we would be lost without her.

Happy 62nd Birthday Mom!  We love you!

Of course, Magaw avoids the camera like the plague but this is the only one I could find right now!




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