A Day At the Zoo

It’s been a busy Saturday for our family.  Phil spent the entire day with other men from our church attending a Bravehearted Man Conference.  He pours so much into his family in so many ways that it’s great that he finally gets a day where he can be fed spiritually (and literally!) and enjoy some much needed guy time.  Alex was blessed to spend the day with Grandma Joanne making cupcakes and enjoying each other’s company.  That left me with Pooh, Belle and JT.

The girls really wanted to got to the zoo but at 33 weeks pregnant and moving VERY slowly I didn’t think I could keep up with JT so my mom volunteered to spend a few hours with him playing outside and having lunch together.  That left us 3 girls to wonder around the zoo for several hours admiring all of God’s creation.  The weather was gorgeous and we even got to see two tigers have a bit of a fight with one another.   It was pretty amazing to hear them growl and roar at each other.

Addie the sea lion did lots of neat behaviors (guess they don’t call them tricks anymore!) and showed off her amazing speed with laps around her pool.  Billy the 5 year old male elephant showed off his behaviors in the Denver Zoo multimillion dollar elephant habitat.  It’s quite extensive… still doesn’t look much fun to be an elephant!

We saw lots of fish, snakes and lizards.  The two brown bears were curled up on rocks sunbathing paying no attention to the crowds.  We quickly went through birdland…. I’m not a huge fan of birds and it was very hot inside so we didn’t stay long.  The girls said it stunk 🙂

Overall it was a very good day at the zoo.  I was blessed to spend some concentrated time with my 2 oldest before the newest Wilson arrives in the next 6 – 7 weeks.

IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4015



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