Happy Birthday Alex!

I’m a little late with this post but life is crazy right now!

Our sweet Alex turned 6 years old on Monday, August 4th.  I remember heading to the hospital right around midnight on Sunday, August 3rd and my doctor was to meet us there.  Alex was to be my first VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section) and I was suppose to be ‘monitored’ at the hospital since VBACs carry more risk.  Hospitals are not my favorite place to be and I put it off as long as Phil would let me!

Alex entered the world just after 2am on Monday, August 4th.  We did not know whether we were having a boy or a girl so it was  fun to hear the doctor say “It’s a girl!”  By 8am we were asking to go home.  My doctor saw no problem with us going home although the hospital staff was not happy.  Alex was doing great as was I so we saw no reason to stay and be poked and prodded and asked a dozen times if we know how to care for a newborn.   We were home by 2pm 🙂

Fast forward 6 years and we have a bright, happy, and slightly silly 6 year old who is NEVER at a loss for words!  She is about to start 1st grade and enjoys being a part of the school day with her older sisters.  She takes piano and absolutely loves her piano teacher, Miss Tori.  She is a very good big sister to her only brother Jonathan and her baby sister Katherine.  She brings us a ton of joy and is a wonderful part of our family.

Happy Birthday Alex!

Pictures from digital camera thru Aug 2010 081  Pictures from digital camera thru Aug 2010 003  June 2011 A

IMG_3889  IMG_1432  IMG_2487

IMG_2852  IMG_2899  IMG_2906


One thought on “Happy Birthday Alex!

  1. My August 4th baby was born in 1982, also a little after 2 AM! He was my second c-section (due more to ignorance on my part than anything else; the next 4 babies were V-BACs!). I am really enjoying the birthday posts, especially the picture at the end, of the birthday child with Dad!

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