As my tag line says I can blog about anything that fits my fancy and today my frustration lies in the word intolerance.

I’ll start by saying I believe the Bible is the word of God from the front cover to the back cover.  I believe every single word in the Bible is truth.  I’m not someone who thinks this set of chapters or this or that book is truth or just stories.  Either it’s ALL the word of God and therefore truth or none of it is.  I believe the Bible is crystal clear on marriage and what God intended for marriage: one man and one woman.  PERIOD.

I get so tired being labeled as intolerant, homophobe, hateful, mean or any other label the LGBT community comes up with.  I believe our Lord designed marriage between one man and one woman and I will stand up for that truth.  I will teach my children what the Bible says on this topic.  HOWEVER, this does not mean I hate gay people, nor will I teach my children to hate gay people.

According to the Webster dictionary the definition of phobia is: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.

I am not scared of nor have a fear of gay people.  I am not a homophobe.  When I worked outside the home I worked with many gay people and I guarantee if you asked any of them how I treated them they would answer the same as I treat anyone.  And, I would never teach my children to treat gay people with hate.

Test:  which of the following sentences are hate speech?

A) Your lifestyle is gross, disgusting and completely unnatural and I hope you burn in hell because of your sin.  All the gay people should be tortured and killed.

B) I believe the Bible is clear on marriage and God’s plan for marriage is one man and one woman.  I believe the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin.

Hmm… I would say A is hate speech and I have NEVER, let me repeat, NEVER said that to someone.  And, of all the Christians in our lives none of them have said hateful things either.  Are there those that treat people this way?  Of course, we are sinners.  People treat other people terribly for all kinds of reasons.

Why is it the left and the LGBT demand I be tolerant (not just tolerant but it’s rammed down our throats in so many aspects of life) of their belief yet they do not have to be tolerant of my belief?  Why is it when I stand up for what I believe is truth I get labeled a hater or a bigot yet those in support of homosexuals can say whatever they want and I have to keep my mouth shut.

We live in such a messed up world and I pray daily for our Lord’s return. In the mean time, I will stand up for truth and I will teach my children to stand up for truth.  We will do it in love but we will not waiver.



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