Psalm 103

I’ve been digging deep into Psalm 103 recently.  The first 2 and last 3 verses are calls to praise and basically set the tone for the entire Psalm.  Included in the body of the Psalm are celebrations of personal benefits, God’s mercies to His people and declaration of the vastness of His love.  There is so much to meditate on in this Psalm… stick with me!

I made a list in my journal of who is called to bless the Lord according to Psalm 103.  According to this Psalm David says if you serve the Lord then you are called to bless Him.

  • my soul (verse 1)
  • all that is within me (verse 1)
  • His angels (verse 20)
  • His hosts (verse 21)
  • those doing His will (verse 21)
  • those doing His works (verse 22)

Then I made a list of all the phrases  that include the word ALL.

  • …all that is within me bless His holy name (verse 1)
  • …pardons all your iniquities (verse 3)
  • …heals all your diseases (verse 3)
  • …judgments for all who are oppressed (verse 6) (this does not always happen here in this life but God will deliver those that are oppressed.
  • …sovereignty rules over all (verse 19)
  • …all you His hosts (verse 21)
  • …all you works of His (verse 22)
  • …all places of His dominion (verse 22)

Verse 1 says to bless the Lord with all that is within me… ALL.  I thought about what ALL that is within me: my will, my affections, my desires, my hopes AND my thought life.  How can I kneel down before the Lord and show Him reverence in all of these areas?

My will – how can I bless the Lord with my will?  Perhaps being in His word daily as that is where I will learn what His will is and can make it my will.

My affections – how can I bless the Lord with my affections?  How about by loving those He loves?

My desires and hopes – do I desire what the Lord desires for my life?  Or are my desires worldly?

My thought life – this is a big one!  I can easily get caught up in thinking about things that take time and energy away from things the Lord wants me to ponder.

I have found that the more time I spend in the Word of God the more I can bless the Lord with my thoughts, desires, affections and actions.  I am not perfect in this… not even close.

One last note, in verse 2 it says forget none of His benefits.  I like to read this as remember ALL His benefits.  There’s that ALL word again.

I find great comfort and peace when I remember ALL His benefits.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 103

  1. Gaylene, Loved browsing through your blog! I like your blog on Psalm 103… did my best to memorize last summer! Also, we have a Belle also. What a wonderful family! Hope all is well.
    Janice (Armbrust)

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