Then They Became One

The girls giggled with excitement as they got on their beautiful princess like dresses, sparkly shoes and painted their nails.  The day they have been counting down since last November has finally arrived!  Their beloved piano teacher, Rebecca and her prince were getting married and our family was blessed to be a part of their special day.

It was a beautiful ceremony filled with joy, love and God’s word.  To watch their relationship grow from the first phone call, to traveling back and forth from California visiting each other, to Jonathan proposing to Rebecca, through wedding planning and through the big day was an exceptional experience  and a memory we will treasure forever.  To watch 2 young people fall in love within the safety of their family and close friends gives me hope that love and marriage can thrive the way God intended.  The worlds way of finding ‘the one’ has no boundaries and rarely are parents and family involved in such an intimate way.  Again… this was NOT an arranged marriage!

Their vows were beautiful and they sought the wisdom of the Lord on what to pledge to each other.  The pastor who performed the ceremony (the groom’s uncle) did an amazing job of keeping the focus on Jesus and called on the bride and groom to keep Jesus at the center of their marriage.  Both the bride and groom have had this exampled for them as they grew up from their own parents.  It’s amazing what can be passed on from generation to generation….. both good and bad.  Jonathan and Rebecca’s marriage won’t be perfect and they will have ups and downs but I have no doubt that they will work hard to seek the Lord together.

DSCF0471 Girls walking down isle DSCF0486 DSCF0491 DSCF0494 Jonathan and Natasha Jonathan and Mikayla Jonathan and Alex Jonathan and Rebecca IMG_5180


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