Our sweet Belle is 10!

WAY back on May 22nd our sweet Belle turned 10 years old!  Our tradition is to take the birthday girl to dinner for her birthday but this year she wanted to wait until the following morning so that the 3 of us could go to breakfast together.  We were out the door by 7:30 and were in our seats at Sunrise Sunset by 8am.

Her birthday party was supposed to be the day after her birthday on the 23rd.  However, 2 of our kids got sick with high fevers so we postponed until the following Saturday.  However, 3 of us ended up with strep throat and we had to cancel again.  Not entirely sure everyone would be healthy we didn’t set a definite date for the party.  However, we ended up having a small party for her yesterday, June 6th.  Many of the usual people that join us for these celebrations were not able to make it.  However, 3 sweet girls from church were able to join us and all the kids had much fun playing.  Then we ate and of course had cake!  Belle decorated her own cake and cake pops….  I see a business in our future!

Stay tuned for another post about what I learned about making caking pops!

Happy 10th Birthday to our sweet Belle!

Mommy and Belle at breakfast May 2015

Mommy and Belle at breakfast May 2015

Daddy and Belle at breakfast May 2015

Daddy and Belle at breakfast May 2015

IMG_5451 IMG_5447 IMG_5434


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